How does sleeping on silk helps to maintain curls?

How does sleeping on silk helps to maintain curls?

Curly hair is a dream of every girl and having curly hair requires an excellent routine. Having a great night routine is essential, much like your daily routine. You put a lot of moisturizer and conditioner in your hairs to keep them looking good. However, this also became a significant reason for your hair's entangled, breakage, and split ends during sleep time. Your hair rubs eight times each day into your pillow. No big surprise, it damages your hair condition. Since your pillowcase shows your hair condition and your sleeping pattern. We have a magic solution for your hairstyles to keep intact overnight. What about the silk pillowcase and bonnets that turns out best for the curly hairs, keep them sound, and allow you to awaken on a good hair day?

Why do we need silk pillowcases and bonnets?

Silk is a naturally occurring fibre produced by the cocoons of silkworms. It is woven together and gives a soft and delicate texture to touch. Its softness implies it is very delicate on your hair. 

Why silk pillowcases and bonnets are great for maintaining hair curls?

A simple way to keep your curly hair healthy and hydrated is to sleep on a silk pillowcase or by using bonnets. Silk is less absorbent, retain the moisture level, and its tightly woven thread allows less breakage of hairs. This could help the hairs to fewer tangles, less frizz, less dryness, and make it easier to manage the curls in the morning. These silk pillowcases are bonnets that are hypoallergenic and regulate the temperature. These properties are the main reason for their beauty benefits, 

How do silk pillowcases and bonnets help to keep yourhair wavy and straight?

Silk pillowcases and bonnets are also helpful for straight and wavy hairs. The silk's smooth and slippery texture helps straight hairs prevent frizz, breakage, and tangles and keeps them soft and shiny. Moreover, the serums and hair oil you apply to your straight and wavy hair areabsorbed by your pillowcase. With the help of silk bonnets and pillowcases, you can get a good sleep without worrying about your products and are working overtime to keep your straight hair smooth, shiny, and nourish locks. 

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases and bonnetsfor curly hair?

Some benefits of the silk pillowcases and bonnets are:

i. Retain moisture

Silk pillowcases and bonnets retain moisture. The S-shaped of your curly hairs makes it difficult for the scalp's sebum to reach the ends of each strand. This leads the curly hairs to be prone to breakage and split ends. During the night, your hair's natural oils moisturize your curled strands. Some fabrics like cotton absorb all the oil and leave them dry by the morning. However, this thing does not occur in silk pillowcases and bonnets. They have the moisture-wicking capacity that doesn't absorb natural oils and lessen frizz and dryness in your hairs. 

ii. Prevent breakage

Cotton pillowcases are a bit rougher than silk pillowcases due to their thread count. Moving around at night, cotton pillowcases tug and pull your hair. Curly hairs have less elasticity because of their structure and cause breakage of hairs. However, the silk pillowcases threads are tightly woven, allowing the hairs to slide over the pillow and eliminating breakage. 

iii. Friendly to the frizz

Satin and polyester are man-made fibres and cause extra friction. This thing can damage the hair cuticle layer, creating fizziness and bedhead. In the case of silk pillowcases and bonnets, they are anti-static. The mulberry silk comprises two naturally occurring proteins, sericin and fibroin. Sericin is beneficial for your hair, while fibroin provides a good quality of silk, and the two join together to give the best care to your hair and offer you and your hair unlimited sweat. 

iiii. Stop hair tangling

Assume you woke up in the morning having tangles or kinky hair that make you think about whom you battle around at night? A silk bonnet saves you from this tangling and kinks by gently tugging the hairs in a bonnet, making your life simpler in the morning. 

v. Prevents rubbing

Because of the smooth and delicate texture, silk pillowcases and bonnets prevent your curls from getting rubbed in a wrong way throughout the night, and honestly, we don't want our hairs like that! Silk soft layers keep your style and curls in good shape for a longer period,and it saves our energy and time by resetting it again.

vi. Cost-effective

Silk pillowcases and bonnets are a bit more expensive than your average pillowcases. But think about the money you spend on your hair products just for the curls. Spending money on pillowcases and bonnets is much more effective and reduces your other hair expenditures. 

Important things to notice

• Always check the Momme quality of your silk pillowcases and then choose it. The 16-19 Momme quality of silk is best used.

• Make sure the pillow is double-sided silk because some cheap pillows are one-sided only. 

• If you're considering buying silk pillowcases or bonnets, make sure they envelop closure over zip closure. The hairs can easily entangle and break. Also, the zip can easily scratch your skin. 



Choosing the right silk pillowcases and bonnets for your hair is an excellent investment in your hair. Applying different hair styling products and expect a miracle that will help you. This will not happen until you choose the right path. The sleepy girl is here in the market to provide 100% silk pillowcases and bonnets that help your hair keep in good condition andallow you to spend the night comfort