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why do you need a silk pillowcase?

  • bye bye acne™

    100% mulberry silk is clinically proven to help reduce acne, eczema and fine wrinkles

  • break from allergies

    Silk has an antibacterial border that limits the growth of mould and mites so that you can enjoy a better sleep every time.

  • slow down aging

    It helps in reducing the skin creases, which makes your skin look more rejuvenated.

  • no more frizz

    Some people might think it is a joke, but some medical journals have also proven that silk pillow covers is the best remedy to reduce frizzy hair.

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At Sleepy Girl we use the highest grade 6A long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce strict quality guidelines, including non toxic OEKO certified.


Get our Ultimate silk duo: silk boomerang pillowcase & eye mask

— dermatologists recommend

Silk Delivers Beauty and Wellness Benefits


of customers reported that their skin felt smoother and more hydrated after using a silk pillowcase for 30 days


of customers reported that their hair appeared shinier and more moisturised after using silk products for 60 days


of customers reported experiencing better and deeper sleep after using a silk sleep mask for 7 days
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