Silk Eye mask 100% mulberry 22mm silk


To create a good sleep environment, it can cover the light irradiation in the eyes, eliminate interference, so that you have a comfortable and peaceful sleep. At the same time, it can promote eye blood circulation, slow eye congestion, prevent dark circles, bags under the eyes. Enjoy sleep anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in a hotel, or on the plane.



Silk strap, not like the elastic strap. No chemical smell does not tangle hair. More care for your hair and skin, good for sleeping on your side. Lightweight, silky sleep mask. It is ergonomically designed to relieve stress and relax muscles. provides the best sleeping experience. They allow you to enjoy a comfortable life.



The silk eye mask is not only made from 6A grade 22 momme mulberry silk on both sides, but it is also filled with mulberry silk, super soft, smooth, and breathable. The higher the momme, the thicker the silk will be. It is more durable and comfortable, softer on delicate facial skin.