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We all see people having troubles while sleeping due to their uncomfortable pillowcases. The health issues and skin problems are also the terrifying issues that a lousy pillowcase can cause. When we talk about a lousy pillowcase, we mean the one with a hard, dirty, and harsh fabric that rubs with the face at night and damages your hair and skin. Apparently, these issues seem ordinary, but actually, these issues can cost you your skin health. We spend a hundred dollars in getting skincare products to keep our skin fresh, then how can we allow a pillowcase to ruin our skin!

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march 2021

A few years back, we researched different issues that a bad pillowcase can cause and decided to launch a platform where people can easily get premium quality pillowcases. Today, we proudly stand high in the market for providing premium quality silk pillowcases. Sleepy Girl is a known name in the market, and people trust us because we never compromise the quality of the products. We know that pillowcases need to be very delicate so that even at night, they can't harm your skin and hair health. We knew that having 12 hours of sleep on a rough pillowcase is barely possible, so we stepped forward to keep you safe from ruining your skin and hair by sleeping on a rough pillowcase!

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What keeps us going?

We started with an intention to provide people with a platform where they can easily buy the highest quality silk pillowcases so that they don't have to spend the whole night turning over on a rough pillowcase. We saw many girls complaining about having acne issues due to their pillowcases. Not only the young girls but the ladies also complained about their fast aging. The dermatologists researched for the cause and found out that it is because of their rough pillowcases. To take all the girls and ladies forever young, we decided to be the first raindrop and launch a brand in the market that would be the female's first choice for their skincare regime. Sleepy Girl keeps up its legacy of keeping the girls safe from skin and hair issues due to their pillowcases. We launched high-quality silk pillowcases that are now the apple of the female's eye!

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Why US?

We know that you can get enough options to buy silk pillowcases then why you should choose us. Everyone has its significance, and Sleepy Girl has a lot of uniqueness that makes it stand high in the market and make a difference. We take pride in providing our customers with the best quality pillowcases anywhere in the world. The perks that you can enjoy at our place are: • 100% pure and natural silk pillowcases • Affordable prices • Highest quality guaranteed • 24/7 available • Fast delivery • Premium services • Amazing customer support • Soft colors. These are some of the perks that you can enjoy if you choose Sleepy Girl to get yourself amazing pillowcases. Choosing us means no more sleepless nights because of rough pillowcases. It's time to change all the pillowcases in the house and upgrade them to silk pillowcases. Don't worry about the cost factor because Sleepy Girl is the best platform to get premium silk pillowcases that are also budget-friendly!